Terms & Conditions

These Terms&Conditions (referred to as the Terms) define the rules for the Users to use the casinohotelhub.com Website.

Under these Terms, access to the Website is open to anyone who can connect to the public Internet network. Obtaining detailed information may, however, depend on providing individual data to casinohotelhub.com, including personal data of the User. Some functionalities may require data transfer to external entities on the terms set out in separate regulations.

The Terms are made available to Users free of charge via the Website in a form that can be downloaded and saved.

Before using the Website, Users are required to read and follow the Terms.


Electronic address – designation of the ICT system that enables communication by means of electronic communication, in particular electronic mail.

User – a natural person, legal person, or an organizational unit without legal personality who uses the Service provided electronically by casinohotelhub.com, as well as contacting the Consultant differently, regardless of whether he acts on his own behalf or behalf of and for third parties,

Tourist Operator – a tourist entrepreneur who creates and sells or offers for sale and implements tourist events and services directly or through another tourist entrepreneur or with another tourist entrepreneur, or a tourist entrepreneur who transfers the traveler’s data to another tourist entrepreneur.

Offer – information presented on the Website and through Consultants comprises an invitation to terminate a contract and does not constitute an offer.

Customer Panel – the functionality of the Website, which makes it easier for Users to operate the Services selected by them or concluded Agreements.

Website – the Website casinohotelhub.com.

Service – services provided electronically or through Consultants by casinohotelhub.com to Users based on the Terms, under which personal data may be processed in the form of name, surname, e-mail address, and history of using the casinohotelhub.com services, as well as additional information related to a specific Offer, such as date of birth.

Agreement – an individual, specific Agreement concluded by the User with the Provider of the Offer, containing in detail the individually indicated subject of the Service and the rules for its implementation.

Opinions – a publicly expressed subjective opinion by the User, which may contain a verbal justification, referring to the categories made available on the Website.

Scope of Services

Goldenights allows you to familiarize yourself with hotels and casinos. casinohotelhub.com is not a tourism organizer. In terms of responding to a query left by the User or after obtaining the required consents, it may also provide marketing information regarding the subject of its business and partners.

The User may become the recipient of marketing and commercial information from Goldenights and business partners by subscribing to the newsletter, as well as by expressing appropriate consent during the process related to the use of the Website or by contacting the Consultant.

The Website also allows Users to express their opinions on Tourist Operators, Offers, or their elements, primarily accommodation or destinations.


casinohotelhub.com stipulates that the use of the Website takes place only at the expense and risk of the User.

casinohotelhub.com is not responsible for the content posted on the Website by Users.

casinohotelhub.com is not responsible for damages caused by the use of the Website by Users in a manner inconsistent with the law or the Regulations.

casinohotelhub.com is not responsible for the content of websites placed in other domains to which links are included on the Website.

casinohotelhub.com stipulates that it will exercise the utmost care as to the truthfulness and completeness of the content provided by Tourist Operators and other partners. However, some materials may be illustrative and differ from the presented, for which casinohotelhub.com is not responsible. The User has the right to verify the content of the presented offers by utilizing an electronic inquiry or with consultants.

Photos and video materials posted on the Website are illustrative in nature. Therefore the actual appearance of the objects presented may differ from the ones presented in the formats mentioned above.

casinohotelhub.com is not responsible for damages resulting from the situation or circumstances related to the User, and preventing the Service from being provided, as well as the conclusion of the Agreement, the use of the event or the Tourist Operator’s Service, in which the purchase was mediated, such as the lack of a passport, failure to read the provided information, no response to attempts to contact from the casinohotelhub.com Website.

casinohotelhub.com is not responsible for using third-party data by the User without its consent or knowledge.

Conclusion of the Agreement

When selecting the Offers, tourist services, and other services or products presented by casinohotelhub.com, the User initiates the booking process by sending an inquiry, which is forwarded to the Tourist Operator (service provider). After verifying the availability of the selected Service or product, the User will receive feedback and documents regarding the conclusion, terms, and content of the Agreement.

In the process of booking on the Website or based on an oral instruction to the Consultant during the conversation, the User agrees to be contacted by casinohotelhub.com related to activities aimed at concluding the Agreement, primarily to sending documents in the electronic form to the e-mail address provided by the User. Constituting an individual Agreement specifying the selected Offer or Service. Refusal to consent will prevent the conclusion of the Agreement in the manner specified in the Regulations.

casinohotelhub.com, through a Consultant, is in this case entitled to contact to provide information relevant to the conclusion or performance of the Agreement, including the provision of related messages, decisions, or information, as well as activities supporting the correct implementation of the Agreement, or assistance and intermediation in activities aimed at removing possible non-conformities.

Unless otherwise stated in the content of the documents sent, casinohotelhub.com is an intermediary and not a party to the concluded Agreement.

The User is obliged to read the content of the sent documents, in particular, to verify the correctness of the provided data of the recipient and to check whether the described Service fully reflects the product presented to him.

If discovering inaccuracies, errors, or omissions, the User should immediately – if possible – before paying, contact casinohotelhub.com and report the differences.

The User concludes the Agreement on the terms and conditions specified in the documents sent to him. In case of doubt, the Agreement is concluded when the User makes the payment.

By concluding an Agreement that includes third parties as participants (especially as travelers), the User undertakes to provide these persons with all information obtained and related to the Agreement or to indicate to them the method of obtaining relevant information from the Tourist Operator, including data necessary for verification during contact.

Final provisions

casinohotelhub.com has the right to amend the Terms, subject to the Users’ acquired rights.

Any comments, questions, opinions and conclusions regarding the functioning of the Website and the services provided by casinohotelhub.com may be sent by the User to the e-mail address.

casinohotelhub.com may issue additional regulations, conditions, rules, etc., regulating in detail the services and offers available on the Website and related issues. They will be made available to the User to whom they will apply in a form that allows recording. Such regulations may take precedence over the provisions of these Terms.

Any disputes that cannot be resolved amicably, arising based on the provisions of these Terms or related to the use of the Website, will be considered by the competent court of law and place for casinohotelhub.com.

The provisions of these Terms do not violate mandatory provisions of law. If any provision of the Terms is considered invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

The Terms are valid from the date of publication until further notice.